Sunday, 16 December 2012

Making a Crystal Grid

Flower of Life by Evelyn Bermudez

How to Activate a Crystal Reiki Grid

Before setting up the crystal grid activate the
crystals with Reiki energy and symbols.
Use either a large standing crystal point, sphere
or crystal cluster to put in the center of the grid.
Spend five to ten minutes infusing Reiki
energy into each crystal.

Then use either tumbled palm stones or crystal seed
points to place around the grid in either six or eight
amounts in a circular type formation.  You can have
combinations of both in a crysal grid.

Sometimes crystal grids are constructed on
sacred geometrical shapes like the Flower of
Life or Seed of Life to bring in energy from the earth
to add depth and meaning to the grid.

When the time comes to activate the grid you can
set an intention to manifest a goal or a wish like
having an abundance of energy to last throughout
the day or ask to have prosperity in your life.  The
intention to create the manifestation should be said
during the activation of the crystal grid.

Activate the grid by using a quartz wand, by rotating
the wand in a clockwise direction three times,
imagining white light touching each stone to the center
point as you direct the wand to it.  It is like trying to cut
pieces of a pie.

You can use different types of quartz wands to activate
the crystal grid, does not have to be just clear quartz.

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