Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Coloring in a Crystal Grid

Flower of Life Grid

Seed of Life Grid

My goal was to try and color in some
sacred geometric crystal grids.

I chose to use markers to color in
the Flower of Life and Seed of Life

I was looking to gain more
knowledge about who I am and
the natural world around me.  These
two grids have helped me to open
my mind to the person I am evolving
into and taught me how to love the life
I have today.

The reiki energies I work with when
healing are primarily purple, blue,
and red so I wanted those colors
to represent my grids.  I also like
orange, yellow, and brown.  These
are earthy tones that ground my
spirit to the land and calm
the senses of my being.

Once my grids were colored in,
I scanned them on my computer
and slightly retouched the colors
in Photoshop to add some vibrancy.

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