Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Infinity Symbol

Images found at fsymbols.com

When I have been meditating with my crystals or doing
Reiki on people I intuitively started drawing the infinity
symbol which provides energy without having any limits.
I found out that my Reiki energy is greatly amplified
when I use this symbol which looks like a number eight
or a circle.  When I work with the infinity symbol I tap
into higher vibrational frequencies and feel more
energy flowing with my Reiki.  The energy feels hot
at my hands and helps with the healing process.

I have learned that the infinity sign is a
representation of endlessness and the connection
of all that exists.  The figure 8's connect our aura,
chakra's, and meridians, and also connect us to
each other.  This is done through the "radiant
circuits", which connect us to Spirit.

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