Thursday, 27 December 2012

Citrine Crystal Wand

This is a wand made of double terminated citrine
pointed crystals.  The stones in the middle of the wand
are golden agate.  
The wand is meant to bring peace and
happiness into my world.  Citrine is a good stone for doing
healing work.  When I put the wand on my stomach it
calms me down.

I created the wand to resemble the faery forest
woodlands.  The brown and green were grounding colors
for me that allowed me to be truthful to myself in my
feelings when I was doing healing work with the wand.

The wand was made from brown and green Sculpey
Polymer Clay.  This clay comes in different
colors and is put into the oven at 275 degrees
to bake for one hour.  It is easy to shape and there
are molds that can create leaves, flowers, etc.

Citrine Healing Properties:

Citrine has the ability to help soothe fear and
anxiety.  It allows people to let go of fear
in order to aid in being able to accept into
one's life the good that is coming to a person.

Agate Healing Properties:

Agate helps to balance the yin/yang energy,
bring courage, protection, healing, and
create calming energy.  The properties of agate
make it a conservation stone, increasing energy
and enhancing longevity.

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