Sunday, 13 January 2013

Highest Good Crystal Grid

This grid came about during a meditation
session where I asked a question like
"What is for the Highest Good".  This
image of a star cluster was downloaded
into my mind.

The grid helped me later on during a
reiki session, to be able to intuit what
my client was going through.

Apophyllite Healing Properties:

Apophyllite helps to ease symptoms of
depression and opens up psychological
blocks.  Good for treating asthma, and
other respiratory disorders.  Helps to
lessen skin disorders and allergies.
This crystal is good for meditation, it
promotes relaxation and relieves
tension.  Corrects imbalances and
enhances inner vision.

Aqua Aura Quartz Healing Properties:

Aqua Aura assists in channeling the higher
energies of the angels.  Helps to heal throat
problems, stress related illness, immune system
deficiencies, and the thymus gland.  Aqua Aura
helps to retain inner peace, assisting with
meditation and psychic healing.  Helps
to release negative energy from the
emotional, physical, intellectual, and
spiritual bodies.  Good for healing the
Auric field and for bettering communication.

Lavender Quartz Healing Properties:

Lavender Quartz is the stone of "spiritual
support", helping a being to be able to get
through difficult and challenging stages in
life.  It helps to heal emotional, mental, and
spiritual upset.

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