Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tiger Eye Key Pendant

I did allot of manifestation work on
the type of key pendant I wanted to
make and this is what appeared.

I channelled the winged goddess
Isis and created a key pendant
that has a tiger eye cabochon
and wings to complete the
pendant.  Isis was the goddess
of magic and giver of life.

She held infinite knowledge
of the world and its workings
in her magical doings.

I can use the key pendant
as a pendulum to figure out
where there are blockages
on the body when doing reiki.

When the pendant is acting
like a pendulum it can also
bring in an abundance of
energy to rejuvenate the
body and give it strength
so a person is not tired.

Tiger eye lets you see
everything.  It focuses
the mind to bring clear
thinking and insight.
This stone brings good
luck and protects the
wearer against the
evil eye of others.

A five minute epoxy

glue was used to attach
the tiger eye cabochon
and  metal wings to the
key pendant.  

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