Saturday, 29 December 2012

Citrine Cluster with Garnet & Black Pearls

This is a citrine cluster made of double terminated
citrine crystal points.  The three citrine points were glued
together to represent luck and success.

The flower on the silver wire is made from red garnet
and black pearls.  
This citrine cluster brings me prosperity
and helps with manifestation 
work when I make my crystal grids.

Citrine Healing Properties:

Citrine has the ability to help soothe fear and anxiety.  It allows
people to let go of fear in order to aid in being able to accept
into one's life the good that is coming to a person.

Garnet Healing Properties:

Garnet purifies and balances energy, and it brings
serenity or passion, inspiring love and devotion.  Red Garnet
helps to balance the sex drive and alleviates emotional
disharmony.  Helps to activate and strengthen the survival
instinct.  Brings courage and hope.  Garnet opens the heart

and bestowes self-confidence.  It stimulates past life recall.
This stone regenerates the body and stimulates the
metabolism.  Garnet treats disorders that concern the
spine and spinal fluid, bone, and cellular structure.  It
purifies the heart, lungs, blood and regenerates DNA.
Helps to boost the immune system and energy levels.

Black Pearl Healing Properties:

Black Pearls help to control mood swings, clear infections
of the lungs and chest.  Bring abundance, luck, and
prosperity.  Help to astral travel, channel wisdom, and
scry by candlelight.

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