Sunday, 30 December 2012


This is a custom made pendulum.  It is a citrine double
terminated crystal point, which was decorated with
celtic knot silver wire wrapping and silver leaves.

The chain is silver and the bead at the end of the
chain is golden agate.  
When I do a Reiki session with
the pendulum it should spin clockwise to promote a
smooth flow of the Reiki energy.  If it spins counter
clockwise, then it indicates that there is a
blockage on a part of the body.

Sometimes the pendulum can swing to the right or
left side of the body, pointing to a specific joint or body
part that needs to be healed.  The energy from the
pendulum promotes the amplification of the healing
process and can add another tool to guide the
Reiki energy therefore enhancing the session.

Citrine Healing Properties:

Citrine has the ability to help soothe fear and anxiety.
It allows people to let go of fear in order to aid in being
able to accept into one's life the good that is
coming to a person.

Agate Healing Properties:

Agate helps to balance the yin/yang energy, bring
courage, protection, healing, and create calming energy.
The properties of agate make it a conservation
stone, increasing energy and enhancing longevity.

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