Sunday, 27 January 2013

Celtic Knots Grid

Recently I was drawn to create a Celtic Knot
grid for luck and new beginnings.  This
grid was prepared to help with manifesting
a new reality of switching jobs and
creating peace in my life.

Celtic Knots are symbols of beginnings and
endings.  They represent the infinite cycles
of birth and rebirth in both physical and
ethereal realms.  In Celtic Knots we cannot
see a beginning or an end, therefore, we
are reminded of the timeless nature of
our spirit and life on earth.

Orange Calcite Healing Properties:

Orange Calcite helps to align ones thought with
ones will, assisting in taking action towards ones
goals.  Helps in overcoming depression, lethargy,
or inactivity.  Good for reclaiming ones health
and vitality.  This stone encourages expression
of creativity and can help with improving business
and increasing the flow of money.

Tangerine Aura Quartz Healing Properties:

Tangerine Aura helps with circulations, acceptance,
new ideas, creativity, and co-creation.  It attracts
wealth and success.  Good for meditation work
and increasing telepathy.

Citrine Healing Properties:

Citrine has the ability to help soothe fear and
anxiety.  It allows people to let go of fear in order
to aid in being able to accept into one's life the
good that is coming to a person.

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