Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Meditation Room

Medicine Bear Lodge

I decided to create a meditation room for myself,
where I could relax and go into a trance like
feeling with music and my crystal collection.

I chose a warm orange color called Guava Jam
200D-5U from BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 8 oz.
This color felt very calming and grounding.
The reason why I chose orange as the color
for my room, is because it is a power color.
Orange stimulates creativity and enthusiasm.
It is a color of vitality and endurance, offering
luck.  This color promotes the coming of change
in life and is good for healing balance.

The furniture has an antique feeling to it with
a modern design.  All of the furniture is small
to fit the square shape of the room.  I got an
oriental pagoda stand for my crystals and
various curio cabinets to display my crystal
collections.  The cabinets have glass to 
reflect the beauty of the displays.

It took me a while to find the chandelier I
wanted for the room.  It looks like a flower 
arrangement.  The components are made
of swarovski crystals and a silver metal
frame.  This chandelier reminds me of the
Flower of Life which brings world wisdom.

I discovered that I could create a simple
yet elegant design in a small room,
where I can invite guests for a meditative
retreat.  I feel blessed to have such a 
beautiful meditation room with all my
lovely crystals and wands.

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