Saturday, 16 November 2013

Green Opal Key Pendant

Pendants with semi-precious stones can
be used as protective talismans against
negative energy and to bring in a flow
of positive healing energy into the
body.  These pendants are good to
use during meditations and any
type of energy work especially
for healing and balancing chakras.
This is a green opal key pendant.

Green Opal Healing Properties:

Green Opal enhances self worth,
confidence and self esteem, and
helps people to understand their
full potential.  This stone brings
lightness and spontaneity.

Good for treating infections and
fevers.  Helps to strengthen the
memory.  Furthermore it has
healing properties for purifying
the blood and kidneys, regulates
insulin, eases childbirth, and
alleviates PMS symptoms.

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